Casa Blanca Theater is the place you want be on the 18th of Oct!

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The Grand Ole Hayride is getting ready for their National Tour next week. Stopping at only 10 venues around the country, Rotorua is darn lucky to be picked!

Four great artists, of whom 3 have won APRA and NZ Music Awards on the same stage. Primo venue too! At 122 Riri St, Casa Blanca Theater sits ever so quietly, but lo and behold, on the 18th its going to be alive with great songs and great stories. Music to make you sway, stomp and sing.

‘Up the aisle and down the aisle’, ‘Minnie Dean’, ‘Dark end of the street’, ‘You’re a loser’, ‘Texas’ ….

You ll not be going home empty handed, because on the night, you can purchase a special tour pack. (Only available at the show – $25.) And Tami, Delaney, Dave and Marlon are happy to sign it for you too!



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