Bond Street Bridge – The Explorers Club: Antarctica

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Bond Street Bridge presents The Explorers Club: Antarctica at The Rogue Stage Rotorua  23 November 8pm

Building on the success of their award-winning show ‘The Explorers Club: Antarctica,’ Auckland alt-folksters Bond Street Bridge are proud to announce the release this October of an album of songs recording the incredible stories of Captain Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration.

Songwriter Sam Prebble has turned a fascination with Antarctic heritage into a multi-faceted and collaborative work of art.  After several months lost in books and dusty library shelves, poring over old photographs and maps and devouring first-hand accounts of adventure and mishap on the ice, Prebble emerged with a collection of songs recalling the hardships and celebrating the extraordinary pluck of the explorers who first set foot on the frozen wastes.
The songs combine material from the original journals of the explorers themselves, lines from the poets and writers who inspired their exploits, and a treasure trove of recent Antarctic scholarship, weaving tales of courage, endurance and humanity in the face of defeat and humility before extraordinary endeavour.

The stories of Captain Oates walking to his death, Scott freezing in his tent, writing to the last, and Shackleton sailing hundreds of miles in an open boat to save his men are retold through heartbreaking ballads and foot-stomping sea shanties. The material on this album has already drawn accolades. Over the Summer, Bond Street Bridge presented the show to sold-out houses at Fringe Festivals around the country, securing them the award for ‘Best Music’ at the 2012 NZ Fringe Festival Awards and invitations to appear at Arts Festivals, museums and galleries around the country.  The show played to sold-out sessions at the Queenstown Winter Festival, the Taranaki International Arts Festival, and the inaugural NZ IceFest in Christchurch, and was described by the Dominion Post as ‘a perfect evening of music.’ The songs are complemented by beautiful original illustrations from artist Emily Cater, who studied the photographs and drawings the explorers brought back from the ice and produced a series of evocative illustrations surrounding the music.  These are projected around the band for the live show, and feature on the album artwork, online, and in a range of cards and posters available from the band’s website.

To mark the October 11 release of the Explorers Club: Antarctica album, the band is taking the show on the road again, with two appearances at the Nelson Arts Festival followed by shows at the NZ Maritime Museum in Auckland, The Museum of Wellington City and Sea, Chambers 241 gallery in Christchurch, the newly-refurbished Napier Museum, the historic Chick’s Hotel in Dunedin, and several other appearances at galleries, museums and theatres around the country through October and November. ‘We’re really excited about this tour,’ says Prebble. ‘Playing in places like museums and galleries gives the heritage aspect of the show a whole new dimension.  It’s a real honour to present this work in environments with such strong connections to seafaring and exploration.’

St Chad’s Hall will be the venue for this performance on the 23rd of November and looking back at the history of the hall, it is quite befitting. Lu Quin started this centre in the 1970s, based on the need for music therapy for the disabled. The hall was purchased from the Diocese in 1983, and with the help of the community, the centre was built. The Rogue Stage is planning a special delivery of this great show, emphasizing the great heroic age of explorations.

Tickets are $15 online through Eventfinder or $20 on the door.

To reserve your tickets, please contact Karin at

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