Sad But True ft Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams – Sponsored by Arts on Tour NZ

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Sad But True Volume III release tour this January and February. Sad But True Vol I & II graced the due with lots of recognition and awards, Tui Best Country Album 2013 and Best song!

The pair has been touring on and off, making time to collaborate due to each other’s busy solo projects and touring, to produce yet again a gem in the NZ throne of great music. The songwriting is superb, the melodies, harmonies sublime and the voices compliment each other to a fraction shy of infinite perfection. Delaney, the man-come-wheel troubadour in his dusty coat, while Catholic Choir Boy Marlon sings without strain notes so high, my eyes want to water. 

See them live at Netherlands Society Hall, Wed 12th Feb, 8pm

$15 pre sale tickets at Eventfinder and Musicworks 

$20 on the night at the door

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