THE Rogue Fest – acts confirmed!

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THE Rogue Fest March 2014

And here it is folks, the first Rogue Stage ‘mini’ festival. Its a colourful collaboration, covering many genres – folk, indie rock, alt indie, alt folk, jazz, digital experimental, soul & roots and dub. A taster for anyone’s taste. 😀

Only 100 tickets due to site’s limited capacity, but that makes it even more special. Waiotapu Forest School is a camp that has been going for a long time and many a Kiwi boy and girl will remember camping there and especially stories about the haunted cabin H!

Its a BYO venue and gas BBQ are permitted.  Tickets include 2 nights’ free camping, but for and extra $5 per night, you can sleep in a cabin, dorm style. Please bring your own bedding, especially warm blankets and sheets.

For more information on the music and activities on offer, see my Facebook event THE Rogue Fest at Waiotapu.



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