Soundcloud playlist for Summer Shows 2014/2015

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Here is a sample of most acts heading to Rotorua this summer.

The Hardcore Troubadours, Will Wood & Dave Khan, French for Rabbits, No Bones About It Band, Liam Gerner, Matiu Te Huki, Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men, Amiria Grenell, Jesse Terry, Glass Vaults, The Eastern, g.t. Arpe, Ezza Rose Band, Anthonie Tonnon, Aldous Harding, Hugh McGinlay, Callum Gentleman, Sonic Delusion and Matt Rapid.

Pre book your tickets by email or visit Eventbrite & Eventfinder

Also available from Musicworks Rotorua

Acts not on this playlist are The Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers, Ben Woolley & Flora Knight, The Swan Sisters and Archer. Follow the links to find out more about them and listen to their sound.



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