Will Wood & Dave Khan, support Tom Cunliffe and Dave Bishop

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The Rogue Stage presents Will Wood!
5th Dec – The Rogue Stage – 8pm
Collaborated with: Bernie Griffen and the Grifters, Tami Neilson, Ivy Rositter, Parents, reb fountain
New album: Broken Man 2014 (available on vinyl and CD)
Most recent tour: Europe (West and Eastern), UK – Sept 2014
Label: Lyttelton Records
Will is a gem. He can sing it softly and he can belt it out. He proclaims to be a singer of songs and so far what I have seen is a man that gives a lot of music back. Originals and a cover here and there in his ‘country’ style. He had the french raving for more in Lyon not so long ago and an underground pub in Switzerland singing to a Rolling Stones’ song via Townes van Zandt. Not to mention the UndergroundĀ ‘live on set’ recording late at night.
Dave Khan is no stranger to us in Rotorua. He played here with the Grand Ole Hayride, The Bads and Wheel of Experience in 2013. He has collaborated with so many, I do not know where to start, to name a few – Don McGlashan, Tami Neilson, Peter Daube, Bernie Griffen and the Grifters, Dave Ward, The Broadsides .. and the list can go on for a mile. I love Dave’s way of playing, sentimental, showing a real gentle side.
Tom Cunliffe, apart from strutting an enormous beard, he is a great songwriter. An honest approach which is tell tale of the performers that play at The Rogue Stage.
Dave Bishop, aka Davey Beige. Our local hero. He used to run an oyster farm with Marc Spijkerbosch until he decided that music was his calling. He teaches music in Tauranga and we recently bumped into each other. On short notice he has decided to play for us. Dave’s new album ‘Hard Work’ has been reviewed by NZ Musician and earned 4 stars! Superb songwriting, bluesy with a splash of salt water.
Four acts for $15. And its authentic homegrown.
The Rogue Stage is a movement for people who enjoy listening to real live music. No pretense, in backyards and in lounges.
13 hard copy tickets are on sale at Musicworks and you are the first to know. 10 are at Eventbrite (follow the links from my blog or from this email) and 10 are at undertheradar.com. (was 16 hard copy tickets .. some ticket are on their way to their new owners tomorrow!) The rest are all door sales only – $20
BYO food and drink

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