The Finale – end of Summer Shows 2014/2015

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There are so many words that I can list to express my gratitude. 14 live music shows in two months. It has been a joy to dedicate my time and energy to hosting and organizing, building and creating stages with my husband, Barry, and the memories will be with us for years to come. It has filled our hearts with so much love. And to our children, the most patient people alive, thank you.

For the musicians, sharing their talent and creativity so enthusiastically with so much warmth, giving us wind beneath our wings and letting us fly. The technical support from Lloyd and John H, knowing which button does what job and always listening for the perfect balance of sound, their strong arms carrying gear and their generosity of time. Our wonderful hosts at Vegas City Limits (John and Natascha) and Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park (Waiariki Management Team, Riza and Albert). Your warm hugs, your sincerity and your willingness to help grow an awareness for NZ live music is truly appreciated. And to our neighbours and noise control (who actually said the music sounded lovely), you are always welcome.

Rotorua District Council, Shaping Rotorua and Creative Communities Rotorua for recognizing and appreciating our efforts in strengthening our community with hosting great NZ (and from abroad) live music. A special thanks to Carole Parker, Mark Spijkerbosch, Bobby Howard, Richard Marshall and Tania Short for their support and positive words.

The Finale (ft Lloyd Akroyd, Chris Duff, Junior Reihana, Hopetoun Brown and Glass Vaults) last night, preceded by Into the East the night before, has brought The Rogue Stage Summer Shows to a close. In six weeks’ time my autumn/winter schedule starts with Ezza Rose band on the 15th of March, followed by the talented Anthonie Tonnon and then the Rogue Folk Music Festival. See for full details.

As Nick Atkinson, from Hopetoun Brown, asked me last night, what has been the highlights so far: seeing a community grow, letting themselves fall into the cradling arms of music and allowing themselves to step out of their busy lives for a few hours and just enjoy the moment. Each musician brought what they had and each onlooker/participant brought their eagerness to listen. To witness the exchange in energy and love has been a wonderful experience!

Thank you to Rob Joass MusicFrench for Rabbits, Hardcore Troubadours, Matiu Te Huki Musician, Glass Vaults, Vegas City Limits, Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park, Devilish Mary and the Holy RollersInto The East, Arts on Tour NZ Trust, Rotorua District Council, Rotorua Daily Post, Will Wood, Davey BeigeRotorua Review, Musicworks Rotorua, The Swan Sisters, Oakley Grenell, No Bones About It, Bernie Griffen and The Thin MenCallum GentlemanSolomon Muir Music, Eb & Sparrow, Jesse Terry, Hopetoun Brown, Dave Khan, Tom Cunliffe, Chris Webber, Chris Duff, Junior Reihana, Gavin Skudder, Sandy Stonell, Annika Phillip, Jamie Pickernell, Noah Page, Tania Short, Dave Kerr, John Hamilton, Josh Keegan DurningMonty Bevins Nikita Skeeter/Tu-Bryant, Robert Koffie Fugah and our lovely friends from Nebraska – Nadine Rae and Levi Cooper who weren’t in a band until I heard their originals – Ted&Gloria.

and also thank you to David Blackmoore from Skyline Rotorua for letting us film concerts inside the gondolas. An ongoing project you will learn more about in time to come.

and to Petra Paignton for her contribution in taking amazing photos (See and Mead Norton Photography for sharing his talent and skill too.

and the biggest thank you to the audience. You rock. Each dollar you have spent has gone straight back into keeping the vein throbbing, whether spent on recording a new track, pressing a new vinyl or putting gas in the tank .. each dollar worth its weight in gold. Each message shared, each comment has strengthened the vibe, much love, Karin

2 thoughts on “The Finale – end of Summer Shows 2014/2015

    flamingpearl787 said:
    January 26, 2015 at 8:20 am

    So what about the rest of your year?

    Kirsten Warner, Phone 09 838 4197, 021 236 0354

      theroguestage responded:
      January 26, 2015 at 8:26 am

      2 festivals in March (Sundaise and Rogue Folk Fest)
      2 house concerts in March – Anthony Tonnon and Ezza Rose
      and then steadily hosting shows again throughout the year
      Music Month project too
      and for myself … I d love to work on creating my own music this year. No idea where it ll take me! Bedroom closet? Ha ha ha ha

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