Ezza Rose Band from Portland – Sunday, 15 March 4 to 7pm

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The Ezza Rose band is coming on Sunday! I had an afternoon garden concert planned, but the weather forecast predicts a wet and rather unpleasant Sunday, not fit for an outdoor live music gig. All is good, I have a back up plan. Soon I will reveal the exact address of where it will take place. Just waiting on one final phone call.

The Rogue Stage was away at Sundaise for 5 days at Dickie Flat in the Kaimias and although we enjoyed a ‘no internet’ zone, we also found it tough not knowing what the weather forecast was for this upcoming show. Our commitment to Ezza Rose and you, the audience, is just as important and we want to make sure that you are having a great time as well as the band.

The reviews of the Ezza Rose Band so far proclaim this band to be a ‘must see’ and coming from Jessie Shanks and reb fountain, I take their word for it a thousand times over.

Stay tuned, details coming soon!


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