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Anthonie Tonnon delivered an excellent show last night at The Rogue Stage Lounge in Rotorua to a sell out audience of about 35 people. He performed songs from his latest album, Successor, released under his own label (Canape King Records) in March 2015.

Anthonie Tonnon is a great performer, a great song writer, a wonderful musician and the show he delivered last night was outstanding – brilliant in so many ways that I had to pinch myself a few times. Clever compositions to accompany his well crafted lyrics, starting with two unplugged acoustic songs, moving on to electric guitar and later also piano. We were in music heaven! In a space where we could enjoy hearing each word, combined with his ability to ‘act out’ the meaning, this performance stood out as a well thought through delivery of his craft. We were escorted to the place where, ‘Water Underground’ and the meaning became real. Last night we experienced art and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

The opening act, Jason Hamon, accompanied by Ian Pirrie on guitar, is from Rotorua and recently participated in the NZ Music Month Rotorua youtube challenge. It was a pleasure to include local musicians in the show and I will do so more often. It brings a local audience closer to local performers and its just wonderful to see the appreciation from both sides.

Thank you to each person who came out to the show last night. It was a cold winter’s night and the tasty soup made by Juliet quickly warmed us up! Thank you Juliet! From a bunch of people who never met before, conversations were flowing without hesitation like they do with old friends catching up around a dining table. Afterwards I heard heartwarming comments like “see you at the next one!”. I can say the same, I hope to see you soon too!

Kind regards


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