NZ Music Month May 2016

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For the past 2 years I have been part of our local incentive celebrating NZ music in Rotorua. The first year we held live music performances at selected venues in town and the second year we focused on finding new talent in our city. I spent the whole month tracking down singer songwriters and local bands, filming live performances in local settings. You can follow this link to view the clips: NZ Music Month Rotorua Youtube

In 2016, we are again putting on live music shows, but we also want to incorporate talks and workshops.

How to participate:

The invitation is open to all musicians who can

  1. perform 3 songs, either composed by yourself, or in NZ or by a NZ artist
  2. deliver a talk about your passion – it has got to have a NZ music theme
  3. deliver a workshop to a group of 10 people in your skill as a musician

Send a brief email to Karin Vincent at to be included.


Sponsors by local businesses

This is a great opportunity to be part of a fun event, hosted here in Rotorua. If you have a small business and you support live original music, please write to me to discuss opportunities how you can support NZ Music Month Rotorua.

My contact email is I m looking forward to hearing from you.

This was last filmed last year (2015) on top of Pukuatua St car park, made possible by the support of Musicworks Rotorua. This was so much fun!



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