The Finale! 27th May at Sir Howard Morrison Performance Art Center, Fenton St

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NZ Music Month Rotorua is concluding with live music on the 27th of May with the final and last show at Sir Howard Morrison Performance Art Centre. The event will take place in the smaller Concert Chamber and is sponsored by The Rogue Stage, Rotorua Lakes Council and Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust.

There is two parts to the event –  an early concert from 6pm to 7.30pm open to all public and free of charge and then a second concert, which is ticketed and will start at 8pm.

The first concert will host local bands from Rotorua – The Intricate Melody, Steamrolller and John Hamilton Trio. It is a full band line-up with a full sound. Invitation is open to all to come and have a look and a listen.

The later concert will host local and guest artists – Lloyd Akroyd (local), False Heights (local), Waiariki Students, Rio Hemopo (guest), Ed Zuccollo (guest) and Justin Firefly (guest).

150 tickets will go on sale and can be bought online from, starting next week. Flava Radio is running the promotion for the event. Tune in and listen for their daily promotion and ways to enter for ticket give-aways.

Listen here:

Justin Firefly

Ed Zuccollo

Rio Hemopo



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