The Rogue Lounge is open!

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Mead Norton has captured these great images of the opening night of The Rogue Lounge at the New Arts Space, 1150 Pukuatua St, Rotorua.
It feels so great to finally say, ‘Yes! The Rogue Stage has a permanent performance space!’ We can now share with you and invite you to the smallest theater in Rotorua.
The artists who performed for the opening night were, young and upcoming slam poet Liam Dixon and actor, writer, musician and poet, Callum Gentleman.
It was Liam Dixon’s first time on a stage and he did so well. He wrote a poem that morning and delivered it perfectly. Confident and smooth, well done! We look forward to more evenings of slam poetry! It will be neat to see more young talents perform and build their confidence – please stay in touch!
Callum Gentleman was our guest artist and the show had stunning moments of heart to heart sincerity, great skill, and magic. The last date on his 20 dates, two month long tour of both islands, it was an absolute treat to have Callum on stage, live and in his element. Thank you Callum for opening The Rogue Lounge for us, we appreciate your work so much, esp knowing behind the brave exterior, your loss of a friend was extremely sad and hard to deal with. You are a true gentleman.
More about the space:
The New Arts Space is the brain child and vision of Ally Rogers, a visual artist, community worker and Children’s Art House coordinator. It is a space which I co manage with Ally – she deals with visual art, the gallery and studio spaces for practicing art while I am focused on performance art, music tuition programs and community engagement. (The Rogue Stage will still roam from time to time – like the Rotorua Museum shows – but The Rogue Lounge is a permanent theater for an audience of less than 30).
My heart is full of joy! Our dream has come true!
It has taken a long time to get to this point and in the 5th anniversary of the conception of this idea, we are so proud to say, ‘yes, we worked hard to make it happen’. Working in so many different spaces and theaters in Jersey, South Africa and NZ, we have incorporated the inspiration each one has given us. We transformed a previous derelict space, known as the pharmacy, into a space dedicated to performance art. We joke and laugh between us, saying that we are now healing with music and that we are administering a different kind of medicine: community.
We are blessed to share this with so many great friends, because along this journey, we ve met many amazing and inspirational individuals. When our arms were tired and our souls depleted, we kept our vision by being inspired by all the great artists we know from around the world – their songs kept our minds focused on the reason for creating this space. As we painted over out-dated murals and decoupaged pages of old piano scores on the walls, we realized that we are in the middle of doing something we talked about for so long and something we both enjoy so much, wow, and that feels so good!
Living in a city known nationally as ‘the cradle of culture’, Rotorua’s rich landscape is phenomenally inspiring. The longer we live here, the more it has become important to us to create a space to host contemporary & original performance art in. Important to such an extend that we stopped dreaming about it and decided to do it!
We had a lot of help from our friends, without them supporting us, we would not have come this far.
Thank you Mead Norton, professional behind the lens as always, Jason Hamon for friendship, recording the behind the scenes moments, muscle, laughs and boy sitting, keeping our spirits up and darn good photos too, Ally Rogers for the chai tea, calm and keeping the positive vision, and for saying yes so many times, Barry Anderson Vincent, there ll be nowhere without this man, pushing it through to the end, up and down a ladder like a yoyo, to Van Driver for laying down carpets found in a skip – no one can tell its done so well, to Cathy Barker for moral support, popping in now and then and general broad shoulders of ‘its brilliant, you ll be alright’ prep talks, John Hamilton for great ideas and business advice and for Jacob Vincent for setting up the gear. Many thanks also to the lovely audience who came, thanks for listening and enjoying the performances – it was magical!
arohanui Karin and Barry
Further info: to attend, please book beforehand. It is not a walk inn venue. Send your intention to attend to or text/phone 02102381057

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2 thoughts on “The Rogue Lounge is open!

    Chris Duyvestyn said:
    June 15, 2016 at 8:23 am

    Wow! Looks Great Karin. Well Done. Yea we were going to gatecrash Callum after we saw the tickets had sold out but did not get back into town till late Sunday. Look forward to seeing you there. Once again Well done! Seeing the artists you have presented in the environments you have created is certainly my Nirvana.


    theroguestage responded:
    June 15, 2016 at 9:29 am

    Thank you so much Chris! It is a pleasure to do this for like minded people who truly enjoy music for the joy it brings. There is so much more to do, but for now it is perfect!

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