The Monarch @ Prince’s Gate, Rotorua

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Fantastic event last night at the Monarch, Rotorua! The line-up of talented local musicians delivered their own renditions of honoring the greatest song writer there is: Bob Dylan.

The musicians were: John Hamilton, Jamie Agnew, David Thorp, Jeshel Forrester, Glen Fitzjohn and Bob Vincent.

Huge thanks to everyone who came, to John Hamilton for selecting the songs and content, to the musicians and to the best audience any musician can hope to play for. 

A special thanks to Phil who ran the bar and who, as the general manager of Prince’s Gate Hotel, supported the event by inviting The Rogue Stage to host last night’s show there. It was the first of many to come! 

Next show at Prince’s Gate is on 3rd Sept, hosted in the glamorous Club Room. Tickets available directly from the hotel’s website or reception desk.

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Warm regards 

Karin and Barry Vincent

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