Dress #UP Dance Party – Saturday 22nd Oct at The Monarch

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Throughout the year, The Rogue Stage hosts live music concerts for the purpose of attentive listening and bringing touring musicians to Rotorua. Each concert is purposely built around the type of music, the audience and setting the stage to match the style or feel of the music. Described as “curated listening spaces”, its purpose is to explore and enjoy contemporary, majority NZ, music.

We invite a diverse mix of professional musicians to play music for you, ordinarily heard in the bigger city centres, such as Auckland and Wellington, based on solo, duo or band performances. For this event we have invited 3 DJ and we are hosting an electronic and dj Saturday Night Dance Party! Perfect for itching dancing feet and welcoming back the summer!

You can dress up in your finest or you can create your own inspired themed outfit. Please let your imagination guide you, we welcome silly in all shapes n sizes!

The Rogue Stage will source the entertainment, theme and decorate the space, while the Tea and Happiness team will organise a RAW food buffet, kombucha on tap and kefir cocktails. Prince’s Gate will run a full licensed bar and serve you drinks in style!

Our first confirmed DJ act is DJ Alexi Kapenas from Xela Productions Taupo!

— dubbed the Greekman, he blends together the easy sound of the Caribbean with playful tunes to get you dancing! Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/greekmans

Our second confirmed DJ is DJ Sulu, Daniel Weetman from The Black Seeds, Auckland

— groovy laid back tunes, funk and reggae styles! “DJ Sulu aka Daniel Weetman is vocalist, MPC pusher and percussionist from The Black Seeds. 15 years in TBS has exposed Daniel to many great bands first hand touring the world and now he has also put these  influences into DJing. Afrobeat, funk, hip hop, reggae and dub are but a few of the flavours he would love your ears to taste.” Listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/djsulu/

Our third confirmed DJ is DJ Bellevillle, Monsieur Escargot from The Mamaku Project, Auckland

— French gypsy, balkan tunes, sweet n sexy, happy and with a big dose of oooh la la! Listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJBelleville/belleville-happy-hour-sessions-part1-live5pm-the-box-aotea-square-auckland-nz/

See updates of this event at my site The Rogue Stage – http://www.theroguestage.co.nz, or you can contact me directly at 02102381057 or theroguestage@gmail.com


You ll have the opportunity to grab the EARLY BIRD tickets for $25 until 1st Oct!

The remaining tickets will be sold in 3 Tiers:
– 1st Tier $30 until 8th Oct
– 2nd Tier $35 until 22nd Oct
– and last Tier $40, which is also the price for tickets on the door (subject to availability)

You can order hard copy tickets from Musicworks Rotorua one day prior to purchasing.

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