Emma Wall house concert @ The Rogue Stage Lounge

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Great news! Still some spaces left for this show, her second last in NZ, before she heads back to Australia! If you would like witness one of the top three live music shows of 2010 (voted by Rhythms Magazine, Aus), here is your chance. 

Entry is koha, food and drink donation appreciated. 

Contact Karin at theroguestage@gmail.com or via Facebook message. 


Baesement Cinema – SONGS. STORIES N SLIDES

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Bob Vincent is live at the Basement Cinema in Rotorua tonight, the 15th of Sept. Live in a small cinema with 23 seats. Perfect for the audience who enjoys listening. And Bob Vincent is the perfect host to make you travel with him, either by the adorning wit and hilarious sketches or by his songs. Monika Vincent, his wife, is playing her cajon drum alongside Bob and the slides from her lense are the perfect backdrop to this lovely couple’s journey.

An unique show in an unique setting.


End of the Road – Bob Vincent and Monika Vincent

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Live at the Basement Cinema this Sunday – Songs, Stories and Slides by this great musician, Bob Vincent, accompanied by his wife, Monika Vincent. There are still some tickets left, buy it online at Eventfinder or email theroguestage@gmail.com to book your seat. And lovely comfy seats they are! 



A fun Sunday,

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From a sleepy daze I got woken up by a strong cup of freshly ground coffee made by Bob, brought to me by my darling husband, Barry. Felt awful to be last one to be up, but networking till the tiny hours of the night, does regretfully result in unsociable waking hours. Anyhow, the coffee hit my nervous system and wake up I did, full ceremony of legs dashing off the bed and like a general standing on salute, I penciled my body towards the shower to clean myself of microscopic residues of the night before. 

A healthy breakfast with double helping of buckwheat, freshly made almond milk and another cup of antidote, my brain started to regurgitate the wheres and whens of where this body needed to be. A bullet point list appeared on the bleed column of the paper: warehouse, theater, diary, green grocer and a very special appointment with a wall. One: I had to stock up on my children’s unquenchable thirst for stationary (thank you warehouse for being open on a Sunday so that I can do my washing on a Saturday), two: I had to view a venue possibility for the Grand Ole Hayride, three: buy bread n milk, four: buy vege and lastly: model me in front of a wall. More about that later. 

I got it all done, but a sad day too for us. We said goodbye to Bob and Monika and wished them well on their own journey here in New Zealand. They stayed with us for a month and the time arrived for them to settle into their own place and spread their magic in Taupo. We ll miss the giggles, the silly radio recordings we have been making and the amazing food Monika so generously cooks for us. Jacob will certainly miss his TT mate, Fabian his cycling champ and Andre, his minions. 

Tomorrow a new chapter will unfold. 

’til later, Karin