Tea & Happiness NZ


Tea & Happiness – Fermented, RAW and vegan food Rotorua, NZ

Welcome! We are a plant based mobile food caravan, selling a mix of RAW and cooked food (depending on the season) at our local market.

All our dishes are designed and made by Karin Vincent and incorporates as much as we can find locally grown fresh produce. Most of our our dry food is bought in bulk from organic wholesale suppliers.

We love serving delicious food to vegans and those choosing a lifestyle kinder to the planet and animals. Our recipes are inspired by Karin’s upbringing in South Africa, local cuisine and the many cultural culinary influences in Rotorua.

We trade currently at this market:

Rotorua Night Market every Thursday, subject to weather forecast.

We also have a weekly lunch order service, Tuesday to Friday, which you can access here: Order Form

Follow me on Facebook for recipes and links to other vegan (& raw) outlets.

I also brew and sell kombuch. I have a scoby hotel of which you are welcome to adopt a resident from. Contact me on 02102381057.

I also make and sell aged cashew cheese. It takes 5 weeks to mature and I make it in small batches. You are welcome to put your name down for a 200g wheel.

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