Volunteers and Artists Application

The Rogue Stage is a live music appreciation movement and we put on shows to introduce contemporary original music to a local audience. We host concerts not for profit, but to help musicians and bring awesome, great live music to Rotorua.

Musicians’ fees, venue and equipment hire fees are all covered by your ticket price and contribution. We appreciate your attendance and we commit ourselves to do our best to provide a concert with great talent, finesse and quality.

Hands on volunteering:

As we have a very small audience in Rotorua who supports live music, we rely on volunteers and helping hands to help with the flow of each event.

Unique opportunities arise from time to time. We meet amazing, creative people on a regular basis who are willing to give a hand. They are our amazing volunteers who are just as passionate about performance art as we are.

We love to hear from you if you feel you have what it takes to join our crew. In particular we are looking for the following skills:

  • Front of house – smiling, happy professionals who know how to welcome guests.
  • Tech help – confident, competent tech assistants and sound curators who know current health and safety regulations. You must be able to lift heavy equipment.
  • Green room extraordinaire – welcome artists, lay out a buffet and know how to make a good coffee? If that is you, please apply!

Artists’ Application:

We are passionate in supporting artists who might not have the confidence yet, but show their dedication to their art by committing 100%. We love to hear from you if you are looking for opportunities to sing, dance, perform or read a poem.

The Rogue Stage audience is a listening audience. They want to hear your original songs/poems/instrumentals or stories. They are quiet and respectful, expect full attention!

We invite you to add your name to our list of artists. We can also offer collaborations with other artists and participation in many local projects to flex your creative muscles.

For volunteering and adding your name to the list, please contact Karin at theroguestage@gmail.com. You can phone me on 02102381057.

Alternatively you can fill out this short application form.